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Monday, April 27, 2009

My house is HOLY

Saturday night the devil tried to steal my baby. She was in the bath & she had peanut M&M's that I did not know she had. When I walked in the bathroom she was vomiting & I said" oh, are you sick?" My son said "No Mama she is choking on a peanut!!!" I of course jerked her up & screamed for my Dad, as Dad ran into the room to help & I moved to let him help her I said " I pleed the blood of Jesus" and within seconds she had vomited up 2 peanuts & was breathing!!! No-one will ever be able to tell me that the blood of Jesus is not powerful!

I have been dealing with some very personal & hurtful issues this past week, but when I went to church yesterday morning the Spirit of God was so strong & the message was soooo for me. Wow, God really cares for us & knows what we need.
A word was given and the Lord said "when you cannot control what is happening be still and let God do what needs to be done. you never know how God is going to bring people to Him" That really touched me because I am not in control of alot of things in my house & I have to trust God. I want God to be in control but sometimes I don't like His timing. I am usually not a very patient person, but I am learning! I am claiming the passage that is found in Joshua...
Choose you this day whom you will serve, but as for me & my house we WILL serve the Lord!!! Joshua 24:15
My whole house WILL serve the Lord & be on fire for God. I am sick of half way doing children deserve to have the whole deal. Thank-you God that my children & my house is sanctified through the precious blood of Jesus!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I'm so thankful that your daughter is okay. Friends of ours lost their son this very way, as he choked on a peanut. God is so very good and HE does hear all our prayers.

Angelic Accents

pinkkandy said...

Yes we praise God for saving our Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

THANK GOD for saving our Emma.
I agree with you, Sarah...God sanctify our homes, our family and our LIVES. We really do trust Him, and He IS FAITHFUL to us and to His Word IN US.
I hear the cry of your heart and so does God.
His ear is not deaf and his arm is not short.