Sarah Bella's

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trusting GOD

I have been dealing with alot of personal things lately...I am learning how to trust GOD. Why is that so hard? I want to be a strong woman of God & let Him work through me. I need to hear His precious voice! I want Him to be my best friend. I want to lean on Him for every-thing! Oh, God please help me!!!!!!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sarah, darlin he is there. He is listening. Sometimes the answer we get is not what we are expecting. Maybe our answer is in a butterfly that flitters by to remind us of life, breath in everything, or maybe it is in the form of a new friend, who is asking. Sarah, What can I do to help YOU? I am a good listener if you need to vent. I was led to you for a reason today. God was speaking to me, and I am being a good daughter in listening. If you need to talk privately, email me at: or if you just want to holler, send it to my BLOG. Maybe others can share. I am here if you need me. We have all been here at one time or another. Country Hugs sweetie, Sherry

peppermint said...

Hey Sarah, I'm lifting you up in prayer. I will stand in the gap for you. God loves you and wants to put his arms around you, just wrap yourself up in His peace and mercy and He will lead you and direct your path. Love & Hugs