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Friday, March 27, 2009

What happened to spring????

We woke up to bunches & bunches of snow today. I am not complaining!!! The kids & I have been praying for snow all winter...I guess God just thought we needed it now:)It has snowed like this most of the night last night & the day is still at it. We decided to have a snow party at my Mom's house, so Dad picked us up at lunch time & now we are snowed in. So we are having a slumber party.

Needless to say that my pink Saturday contribution is not what I had planned for it to be.
I looked around trying to decide what I would post & I saw Emma's new sippy cup sitting on the table. I love sippy cups, bottles, & dufers (pacifiers). I love to find new cute ones for my babies. This one is so pretty in pink & flowers.
So while I look at all of your wonderful pinks, I will be sipping coffee, snuggled in a blanket on my Mom's couch...Yippy
Thank-you Beverly for hosting another lovely Pink Saturday, God bless you all

Monday, March 23, 2009


This morning Emma & I were snuggling on the couch. She loves to talk, so we were talking about Jesus & her Heaven Daddy (God). LOL She was so interested in every-thing that I had to say about Jesus coming back & angels being with us. Her little eyes would light up when I would answer her questions. Just think of how happy that must make Jesus when even a little child can see the good & feel the excitement of His return. I am so excited about being in Heaven...oh the joy!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Boys in Pink???

I got to looking at all of my past pink posts' & I have alot of I got to thinking why not post one of William. Here is my Prince in pink. LOLLook at what a cool guy he is.
The other day I was on my computer & I turned around to make sure that the puppy was not getting into anything...I guess he got into something, but I thought this was too cute. I had been at my Mom's house most of the weekend so I just put everything in this pink bag, I had not yet put it away so I guess Thunder found a cozy spot for a nap.
I hope you all have a happy pink Saturday. Thank-you Beverly for hosting us. I appreciate all of your comments.
God bless you all, Sarah

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pink saturday...Happy birthday Emma

Happy birthday Emma Kay...Monday March,2 my little Emma turned 3=( She is getting so big. When I asked her what kind of birthday she said "a pink one" that made me happy! This is a picture of the cupcakes that I made for her party! We always decorate the kitchen table when we have birthday party's. So this is a picture of her very cute decorated birthday table.
Last but certainly not least is the birthday girl herself...of course she is dressed in pink for her pink birthday. While this is a sad for me because I miss her being a baby, we had a great party & it was also a very happy day!
I just want to thank Beverly for hosting us for another pink Saturday & thank you all who stop & leave me comments. I really enjoy reading them. God bless you all!