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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pink saturday

Here we are at Pink Saturday again and once again I am late posting. I can't ever remember that it is Friday & that I need to post something. LOL Better late than never.
We took the kids to the carnival last night & William asked me to ride the ferris wheel with him, so my first picture is one of my new, really cute PINK & white running shoes. These shoes are so comfortable too:)
Here we are on the ride...I could not get a great picture of us together so this is as good as it gets. LOL As soon as we started going fast William started crying & thought he was going to get sick so we had to have them stop it & let him off:( My poor baby! He did get to ride the smaller kiddy rides so he had alot of fun. Isn't it nice to know that you can have good clean fun with the kids? I love spending time with them!
Well that is it for today. I hope you enjoy! God bless you & don't forget to visit other great pinks over at Beverly's How sweet the sound!!!